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    Window Tinting Services

    Window tinting is a process of vehicle modification that involves adding a film to the vehicle’s windows that can filter light and UV rays. Believe it or not, a lot of dealerships actually send their vehicles to third-party body shops to have their tinting done, then they markup the tinting when selling the new vehicles. If you’ve ever been driving and the windows on the vehicle next to you were too dark to see the passenger, those windows were likely tinted. There are laws, however, that dictate how dark the tint can be before it becomes an obstruction and hazard.

    Window tinting is a delicate process that can be disrupted by the slightest amount of dirt, hair, or any other contaminants usually found in a body shop. Because of this, our mechanics and technicians take especially good care of our environment that we perform our tinting jobs in. This reduces the likelihood of our film being contaminated during the application process.

    One of the most popular automotive aftermarket choices is car window tinting, using films such as Xpel PrimeXR. There are a host of benefits to be found with tints, from the added privacy, to the added security, to the cooler cabin due to the reflection of UV Rays an the overall styling improvements. Do your leather seats get unbearably hot in the summer sun? Do you want more privacy in your vehicle? Window Tinting is being brought into our portfolio of services here at NYC Wheel Professionals. If you’re purchasing a new vehicle, tinted windows or privacy windows are often an incredibly expensive upgrade package. Aftermarket window tinting provides all the same benefits as window tinting done at dealership or manufacturers at a fraction of the cost.
    We have our experience in the field of Window tints, collected in the course of thousands of assemblies. We would like to offer you this experience and our know-how. We know that a clean result and the best quality are of the utmost priority for our customers. We can guarantee you this result. you will recieve from U.S 7 year guarantee on window tints.

    Get the benefits of window tinting:
    • Reduces heat
    • Protects against dangerous UV radiation
    • Reduces eye strain by reducing glare
    • Protect your privacy
    • Suitable for any weather
    • Holds broken glass together after an accident
    • Embellishes the appearance of your vehicle
    • Can be removed without leaving any residue

    Why Choose Us:
    • We make sure that the tinting is done in keeping with the exact specification of your automobile, eliminating any chances of uncovered spaces or an unfinished look.
    • We use only the best quality films to prevent any bubbling or undesired color changes in the tinted parts after it has been applied.
    • With our smooth and scratch free tint application process, you can be assured of a major reduction of glare, which in turn can enhance your driving experience in a significant manner.
    • We choose the most durable tint films that can last really long and provide you great value for money by making both you and your vehicle feel better than ever.
    • We make sure that the tint films used by us do not cause any type of signal interference, so that you can communicate in a smooth and hassle free manner from your vehicle.
    The tint films are not installed in individual, but in whole pieces, and of course without having to remove the glass. The foils are adjusted on the outside and attached on the inside. The glass is not damaged or scratched during the process.The tint levelscan be freely chosen by you after an individual consultation. Our tint films are TÜV tested. Window tinting is legally approved by a general type approval (AGB) from the BMVIT in Canada.
    Wrapgodsauto – A Reliable Choice With Wrapgodsauto you can be assured of the best quality tinting done in a technologically advanced manner. Whether you want the latest heat-reduction technology or a simple film to maintain the privacy your vehicle’s interior, we are here to fulfill your specific requests with the guarantee of a long life and great value for money.
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