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5475 Ave Royalmount Suit/Garage 132 H4P 1J3 Mont-Royal , Quebec

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    Car Wrapping

    Car wraps are more than a cost-effective alternative to painting. They are the ideal solution for individualists. According to your own ideas and wishes you can choose your vehicle from Wrapgodsauto remodel. There are hardly any limits to the design. No matter if she is a Chrome plating, a single color Foiling or a individual design wish – we make it possible!

    Not many people are aware of the fact that vinyl wrapping for cars has been in use for a long time. Earlier it was primarily used only by race car drivers to not only make their vehicle stand out, but also to cover the minor damages their automobiles might have suffered after a race. However, over the past few years, vinyl car wrap has become a popular choice among regular car owners as well as it gives a totally unique and trendy look to their automobile. We, at Wrapgodsauto, offer the most elegant and stylish vinyl wrap solutions for your car in a professional manner and at an affordable price.

    Vinyl Car Wrapping can be subtle, you can change some elements of the car, draw attention to a particular aspect of the car or it can be as bold as your courage allows. You can achieve a finish and color that is simply not possible with paint. So, we’ve got your color and finish selected, what about the process of actually wrapping the car

    Why Opt For Vinyl Wrap:

    Vinyl Car Wrap will not only enhance the beauty of your automobile but also safeguards it from minor scratches and damages. Listed below are some reasons that make opting for such a wrap a sensible option for you.
    • It is an extremely affordable option as compared to the option of carrying out a regular spray paint work. It offers the option to customize the designs according to your personal taste and preferences, which makes your vehicle truly unique.
    • It is quite simpler and less time consuming and offers a neat and finished look and feel as compared to spray paint. The wrap can be used to cover the entire vehicle and providing it with a new look or get a designer look by covering the automobile partially in strategic spots.
    • They offer a significantly larger life span with a good quality wrap lasting anywhere between five to ten years. Moreover, any damages to the wrap can be easily repaired without replacing the entire vinyl sheet.
    • Car wraps provide a protective cover for the original paint work of your car rather than damaging it. When implemented properly they can even enhance the beauty of the color and make it come alive.
    Beautify your vehicle and at the same time increase its value with a wrap from Wrapgodsauto.

      Why You Should Trust Us:

     Our team has extensive international experience   in application and we work with the best vinyl   manufacturers in the world such as Avery, 3M,   Oracal, KPMF and HEXIS to ensure that your   vehicle remains stunning years later. In fact, let’s   just pause there for a second – years. Yes, a well   wrapped premium vinyl will last for up to five   years with comparatively less maintenance   versus paint.

    Give a completly new look to your car with a full wrap. We offer over 1000 colors for you to choose from.

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